Mes projets.



Pencil box in anodized aluminium.
Three-in-one system : ruler, pencils sharpener, rubber. The ruler acts as lid and fits into the pencil box thanks to the flexibility of the material. Due to their shapes it is easy to remove them from the box by simply pressing one of their sides.

wood product


Adjustabl set of shelves. A set of shelves by simply fitting pieces into each others, without using glue, nails or screws.

Sizs : /
Material : hêtre
Date : Autumn 2009


Max lamp

Christophe Mazuyet Design Produit Max Lamp 03.jpg

This Work was done during a workshop supervised by Max Lamb. The lampshade keeps the entire structure in position, fixing the various ellements of the lamp together.

Size : 1m60
Materials : wood, fabric
Date : spring 2008

Tron carpet

Christophe Mazuyet Design Product Tron 01.jpg

A work under the supervision of Adrien Rovero. Tron is a 1985 Walt Disney movie. Creation of a modular carpet. For this work I tried to place the Tron technology in our time, and see what it is possible to do with our machinery and means of production. I was impressed by the absence of texture in the mouvie, and b the volumes geometry.

Size : a module 400 X 200 X 100
Materials : felt, elastomer
Date : Spring 2009

Roving the light

Christophe Mazuyet Design Product Roving 10.jpg

This work is a personal work. I tried to employ first the roving technique to créate luminaries. My project does not stop here. Eventually I would like to create furniture, chairs, tables, and why not objects coming from tableware.

Size : /
Materials : wool, epoxy
Date : Fall 2008

Dr f.

Christophe Mazuyet Design Product Drf O4.jpg

A work under the supervision of Martino Desposito on the theme " instructions for use-item". I chose to use food ink to make thisapple, supposed to encourage children to eat fruits, It contains a small figure like in Kinder Surprise eggs.

Size : /
Materials : applw
Date : Fall 2007



A wallpaper to create its own patterns.

Size : width 400mm Roulleaux
Materials : paper cinnamon
Date : Spring 2006


Christophe Mazuyet Design Product Mmebo03.jpg

I noted that it is easier for a child to pull or push an heavy object than to carry it. This box helps the child to carry his belongings. Indeed, if the box is empty it touches the floor and does not roll, but on the contrary when it's filled up, it delicately rises from the floor to free the wheels and allow itself to be mouved aroune easily.The child can thus carry the empty box and roll the full one.

Size : 570 X 400 X 350 mm
Materials : laminated
Date : Spring 2008


Christophe Mazuyet Design Product Mmebo03.jpg

Je suis parti du constat qu'il est plus facile pour un enfant de tirer ou pousser un objet lourd que de le porter. Cette caisse aide donc l'enfant à transporter ses objets. En effet si la caisse est vide elle touche le sol et ne roule pas, et si au contraire on la rempli, elle se soulève délicatement du sol, libérant ainsi les roulettes et lui permettant d'être déplacée aisément.
L'enfant peut ainsi porter la caisse vide et faire rouler la caisse pleine.

taille : 570 X 400 X 350 mm
matériaux : lamellé collé
date : printemps 2008

Deep book

Christophe Mazuyet Design Product deep book 02.jpg

a work on bookibinding and the ways to freeze the matter.


Christophe Mazuyet Design Product Cadum 02.jpg

There are several ways to handle a hammer. Cadum represents these different ways. The first, where the hand is situated near the point of impact, is devoid of strength. It correspond to "the inexperienced user".
The second is destined to "the average user". The distance between the hammer's head and the user's hand is ideal.
The third is designed for "the brute". The hammer blow isn't very precise but is very violent.

Size : 35 cm
Material : wood / metal
Date : Spring 2009

My library

Christophe Mazuyet Design Product My library 02.jpg

A single particle creates an object when it is repeated.
Creating a structuring element was the starting point of this project.
Based on these two directives I chose to work on furniture elements which can be created depending on the users' needs.
This objec is realized in a wood extrusion simply debited in the required length.

size : particule 370 X 250 X 15 mm
materials : wood recomposed extruded
date : spring 2009

Sun pot

Christophe Mazuyet Design Product sunpot 02.jpg

And here it is: the english and unfilled version of sun pot.


Christophe Mazuyet Design Product Uglyvase 03.jpg

English version of uglyvase, there is nothing written in here but when someone has the time, it will be filled.

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